Dr. David A. Johnson

1) I don't feel there's a need for re-proving of the remedies, because we have something much more significant than the provings--200 years experience and clinical use of those 'Hahnemannian' remedies, which helps to confirm or minimize the importance of symptoms experienced in the original provings.

2) Homeopathic combinations probably make use of a material/energetic interface insofar as they're often remedy combinations at low potencies. They don't work very deeply, and I never use them (except maybe when someone wants to use a hemorrhoid ointment!). However, combination remedies are a way many people are first exposed to homeopathy, after which they may find there's much more potential benefit through individualized remedy selection.

3) Why ban learning? It may not be the type of learning which helps us find remedies, but it can help with understanding the allopathic interpretation of signs/symptoms from a strictly diagnostic perspective, and in turn the relative gravity/prognosis of the situation.