It is situated at Hingoli (Maharashtra) in India.This centre is started by Bramhatatwalin Parampujya Shree Narayan Maharaj in 1950.Other branches of Shaktibrahmashram Centre is at Wapti (Basmat), Inzala (Yavatmal), Brahmangaon (Parbhani).

The work of Shaktibrahmasrama is on the following principles:

(1) Swawalamban

(2) Sanghatan

(3) Samanway

(4) Sahajyoga

Shaktibrahmashrama has started their monthly magazine named 'Shaktibrahmashram Samachar' in 1967 which is based on Spirituality and Pshchotherapy. So many peoples are subscribers of it and they are getting advantage of it.

In Shaktibrahmashram centre so many researches is going on very difficult & complicated topics and in that researches Members working in Shaktibramhashram getting very good results. There is research on Sun-Ray Therapy, Chakras etc.

Parampujya Shri Narayan Maharaj was started 'Sun-ray Therapy' at Shaktibrahmashram for treating suffering humanity.

In Shaktibrahmashram there is Prayer in Morning & Evening, Meditation Session in Morning & Hawana regularly.

In Shaktibrahmashram there are so many good programmes taken place by all the members from the inspiration of 'Shri Kaldate Guruji' on special occasions like 'Datta Jayanti', 'Purushottam Maharaj Jayanti' & 'Narayan Maharaj Jayati' etc.